A multichain decentralized SaaS platform for crypto protocols.


A Clean UI with the ability to deploy smartcontact with the help of a UI

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Your go to no-code platform for quickly deploying and managing general purpose legos of any crypto product such as IDOs, Presales, Token vesting schedules, Staking, Farming, and much more!

Dapp Factory supports Binance Smart Chain (BSC), Ethereum (ETH) and Polygon (MATIC), and other EVM chains making dapp factory available to any chain you are on.

Presale / Launchpad As A Service

The Dapp Factory offers a completely trustworthy, fully and individually configurable service to enable a Pre-Sale or Launch of your own blockchain project. To this end, individual pools with the associated vesting schedules can be created via an automated workflow, in which projects will be promoted through our connections, the specialist knowledge of experts and our community reach. In this respect, the DappFactory is much more than a mere platform for raising capital, and in this respect cannot be compared with classic Launchpads which are focusing on financial aspects.

Vesting As A Service

Vesting Contracts

Deploying Vesting on Dapp factory saves an enormous amount of both technical and design effort, since no separate user interfaces, separate vesting contracts and provisions have to be created or programmed manually by the projects themselves. In general, vesting can be used to lock up team tokens, investor tokens and tokens designated to other uses.

Liquidity Locker As A Service

The Liquidity Locker Service, which can be seen as an innovative liquidity locker from Dapp Factory, locks the initial liquidity of a project that is launched on a DEX. Liquidity lockers give the projects community peace of mind that the project wont rug pull them.

Staking / Farming As A Service

The Staking and Farming services are not only the most widespread but also the most widely used DeFi Legos that are required by almost every project to build liquidity, increase the value proposition and generate strong demand. Via the DappFactory you have the possibility to create multi rewards staker/farms immediately, which in turn enable fully customizable, time and APR-controlled stakeout and farm contracts. All staking pools and farms are also automatically accessible via the new user interface.The team is glad to be available as a Guide for an initial introduction to the user interface at any time.

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