A completely Gasless, instant, cross-chain DEX with yield farming


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Cryption Network

PolyDEX is a DEX aggregator. It will aggregate prices from all major DEX and help you get the best price from Polydex, Quickswap, Sushiswap, and DFYN in real-time.

Completely Gasless

For every Ethereum transaction, users have to pay in Ether as gas fees. However, PolyDEX does not charge any gas fees and creates a robust and sustainable ecosystem following best industry practices.


Complex UI makes it harder for new users to enter the crypto space. PolyDEX provides a user-friendly UI to provide an effortless and smooth transition into the crypto family.

Cross-Chain Farming

Users can stake tokens from Ethereum into LP farms in a single click.

Initial Farm Offerings (IFO)

Initial Farm Offerings can be used by partner projects to help them bootstrap the liquidity and further attract LP

High Fidelity with Cryption Network Products

PolyDEX will be the central contract through which all other Cryption Network products would be used to implement the Burn and Staking Reward functionality for CNT.

PolyDEX will help Cryption Network deliver its promise of providing a one-stop platform for every crypto enthusiast to provide liquidity to their crypto assets and increase their holdings.

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