Creating the necessary Smart Contracts and middleware for the platform.


Consulted for the tokenomics and how STACK was made cross-chain

services provided

Website Design

Front-end Development


Product Design



What is stackOS?

StackOS is a decentralised version of Amazon web services. StackOS allows users to deploy their application on to the cloud in a decentralized way. They have made it very easy to use because it is no-code enabled. StackOS has over 1400 projects deployed on their platform. You can use the open protocl to depoly a frontend, backend or even blockchain nodes.


  • They have CI/CD built in.
  • They are compatible with docker images.
  • Stack OS manages the infrastructure for you.
  • You can test in privately on testnets.
  • They have multichain support. THey are currently on Polygon, bSC and Avalanche.

How we helped StackOS

  1. We helped them launch a token and provided consultation tokenomics.
  2. We built StackOS a farm to increase liquidity.
  3. We have also developed the smart contracts for StackOS MVP which included the token, payments for using the service. We also developed compute tracker smart contracts to monitor the usage of the platform.
  4. StackOS also need the entire proxy backednd service which acted as a middleware between the cloud and the website UI.
  5. We also make the STACK token cross-chain compatible and helped in cross-chain migration.

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