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Yugen FInance

Yugen Finance is a DeFi-Yield aggregator that uses other underlying protocols such as AAVE, curve, as well as yield farming, to generate revenue. The platform also comes with a basic app that can be used on both desktop and mobile platforms.

How Does Yugen Work?

Liquidity Provider (LP) tokens are placed in multiple farms based on blockchains such as Fantom, Avalanche, Polygon and Harmony. Reward tokens from the associated farming project are then used to buy YGN, which are then distributed as farm tokens and staking incentives.

Vaults and Mini-Games will be accessible, among other things.
Yugen Finance is not only unique in its fundamental nature with a fair community launch but also offers many advantages that no other yield aggregator offers. We have created complex strategies to extract the highest APR available along with Delta neutral Strategies.

$YGN token will be used to distribute all farm tokens in the numerous yield farms. A portion of the protocol benefits will be distributed to $YGN token holders through Staking Rewards. Only 10% of the profits from the protocol are distributed to the developers, with only 5% being reserved for them. The developers benefit when you benefit as a user. All revenue will be transferred to the $YGN Converter, which is used to buy back $YGN tokens before redistributing them. Yugen was a Fair-Launch Project which provided 100% of the tokens (20,000 YGN) to the quickswap LP pool.

Yugen Vaults

Vaults are built every 5 minutes to automatically compound Liquidity Provider (LP) tokens. The $YGN Converter receives these generated fees. All $YGN tokens purchased directly through Yield Farms will be transferred gradually and not all at once.

Yugen Finance is currently deployed on Polygon but has plans to move to other blockchains.
In short, Yugen Finance is a DeFi-Yield aggregator that enables customers to earn a higher APR by combining Yield Farming operations. Investors may put their cryptocurrency into return aggregators and let the code do the job for them. It is a DeFi-Yield aggregator that makes money by pooling revenue from a variety of sources.

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